Homebridge / domoticz / config-ui-x

I’m migrating one of my old Rpi to a new one with Diet Pi that is used to control my Somfy blinds.

That time I chose to install all from dietpi-software, I checked both Homebridge and domoticz but I don’t find the webinterface of homebridge (config-ui-x) does I need to setup it manually?

are you sure you installed Homebridge via dietpi-software? I’m not able to find it on our software catalogue https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/wiki/DietPi-Software-list

Could you share following

dietpi-software list | grep " =2 "

Ok good catch that is why it’s not working I installed “home assistant” instead …

So I guess I need to manually Install home bridge?

Yes would need to be installed manually.