HomeAssistant update comand fail

I am using dietpi on my raspberrypi-B2. on this system vaultwarden, homeassistant, mqtt broker, dietpi-dashboard, openssh install via dietpi software & zigbee2mqtt install manually. everything is working fine with harmony. today i though its end year so update my server uptodate level. so i update vaultwarden. which goes successfully. but when i gave ‘/home/homeassistant/homeassistant-update.sh’ command for updating homeassistant. lot of red lines errors came. in the end homeassistant was not updated to current version. the full command log is paste it here


this time homeasssitant still working but i guess same old version. my raspbery pi updated from buster to bullseye manually as per this forums hints. every thing works normal on raspberry pi & i upgrade to bulls eye in september so not related to this upgrade failure.

Indeed, newer versions require Rust to compile the cryptography module. If some additional time is okay, you can reinstall HA:

dietpi-software reinstall 157

This will update/recompile as well Python (to v3.9.8 ), install Rust for the “homeassistant” user when required for installing/compiling Home Assistant and its dependencies.

Thanks, after reinstall homeassistant every thing normal again with updated version. thanks