Homeassistant (backup) and restore

I did a full backup within home assistant before completely re-setting up my whole dietpi system.
Now I have setup everything again and want to restore my home assistant backup.
But I cannot find any restoring option in home assistant. How do I restore it?

There is a button on the login page

I don’t have such a button there. I guess this is only the case on a supervised home assistant which we unfortunately can not run on dietpi.

Ok then I think you can’t do it.

You cannot restore backups in a Core installation. Only supervisor restores backups and core-only installations do not include supervisor. As it notes in the backup integration :

Ok wait, maybe there is a solution:

The backup is just a tar file containing another tar.gz which in turns contains a copy your .homeassistant folder in the data directory. Just untar it into the appropriate place and you’re done.

Alright thanks for your help. I just copied the entire folder from my backup to the pi. That worked also. I wish we could install the full version on dietpi anyway. Maybe I’m gonna try that within a docker container.

HA supervised is conflicting with DietPi as there are software components required that did not match with our setup. Most common example would be NetworkManager that is conflicting with ifupdown we use. Anyway, we offer HACS now. This should cover the community store feature.