Home Assistant container vs. HA installed from dietpi?

Hi, I am very new to DietPi and also home assistant which I am playing with on a VM and now trying to migrate to DietPi + nanopi R2S dedicated device.

I noticed that when installed via ‘dietpi-software’ the home assistant install there uses the ‘python environment’ install method from HA… is there a reason for prefering this method of install vs. “home assistant container”?

It seems like when I migrate from home assistant OS to either container or dietpi’s python-env mode I no longer will have access to addons: Installation - Home Assistant - any suggestions here on to make some addons I have installed now available? looks like i may have to figure out how those addons work and manually run them in docker?

For my second question (first question still open): how to backup ‘home assistant container’ (or maybe my entire DietPi install?) I am thinking I could use duplicati by mapping /mnt/dietpi_userdata/ folder as the ‘source path’ as shown in this tutorial Backing Up Home Assistant Container to Google Drive with Duplicati - YouTube

Basically we don’t install any Docker container in generell. Therefore we install HA Core as python version. This version don’t have the Supervisor feature which might be needed to use plugins. We have a feature request open since a while DietPi-Software | Home Assistant - Supervised · Issue #4709 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub but it is conflicting with some DietPi scripts. Of course you could install it yourself. At least I did a test in the past and it was working somehow Home Assistant Supervised on DietPi - #8 by Joulinar

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heres a good post on their forum. Installing Home Assistant Supervised on a Raspberry Pi with Debian 11 - Community Guides - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

edit: I would ask the question on their forum. careful of trolls though they have a few there.

But the challenge, doesn’t matter which guide you are using, is with the network-manager package as it is conflicting with ifupdown package we use on DietPi.

I have RPI 2.
Will this not kill my SD card?
How many space Home Assistant needs?
I have already 8 GB SD Card and can’t install on it (to less free space).

Trying to run Home Assistant on a Raspberry Pi 2 is possible, but officially “not recommended” according to this:

When running it on RPi2, at least I’d use a USB drive/stick and assure that all HA and supervisor data is stored on it instead of on the SD card.

I have running these softwares on raspberry pi-2 with dietpi & all these are running happliy since two years with usb ssd.
zigbee2mqtt (manual install)
mqtt broker
adguard home
ftp file server
samba file server
sftp server
dietpi dashboard