Home Assistant Addons

Hi all,
I’ve just disvoere DietPI and I’m testing it so maybe I 'm missing something.
I’ve installed on a rasperry pi 4 the latest version of dietpi and after that I’ve installed and configured it.
Now my system is up and running and I can connect to the web inteface of HA. There is only a porblem now. I cannot find in the left menu the addons part. How can I install the other modules I need?

could you give me some hint?

thank you


well as this is something inside HA Application, you might need to check with HA directly


Hi Joulinar ,
Since I don’t know how is the package of this distro, I don’t know how is installing HA. With a modified version of the script or other.
As far I understand the is no support for the addons in this kind of installation. Thank you, but I think i will rollback to a simple raspbian + script


I guess the link below describe the same you are facing