Home Assistant Add-ons

Hi! Just installed home assistant via dietpi-software.
AFAIK this is home assistant core, so isn’t possible to install add-ons on it, even if i have installed HACS.

Am i correct or is there another way?

AddOns are available via HACS. We don’t support Supervised.

i’m trying to install the Cloudflare addon but i can’t.
Am i doing something wrong or this one can’t be installed?

I don’t have a HA installation at hand right now

Did you activate HACS already? There are manuell steps needed.

I think it’s active.
Anyway, take your time, it isn’t urgent

It’s working, what do you want to install?

I need to install this Cloud flare addon

For add-ons you need home assistants supervised or HA OS.

Got it, so there is no workaround for this.

Can i use docker from dietpi and install HA OS?

Theoretically you can install Supervised on DietPi. BUT, there is always a BUT, is has some conflicts with our implementation. Because we use ifupdown to manage network, while Supervised requires NetworkManager. Some user experience describe on our GitHub DietPi-Software | Home Assistant - Supervised · Issue #4709 · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub

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