High CPU temperature rise while playing HD Videos


I have Odroid xu4 with dietpi OS installed in it.I have installed mplayer for playing videos on HDMI TV. The problem is that when I play a video, the cpu temperature rises to a high value.
1920x820 ==== 75’c-80’c sometimes goes to 90’c
1280x546 ==== 70’c-75’c
640x274 ==== 68’c

mplayer vo sdl filename.mp4 is the command i use to play the video. sdl is the driver i use to play the video.

Should i use a different driver? Or different file format? or different player?

Meanwhile I used Rpi3 with dietpi os installed in it.I have installed omxplayer to play videos. Everything went fine.Cpu usage was less than 3% and temperature was under control

Suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.

The XU4 runs hot, that’s the way it is. If it bothers you then the C2 is better equipped for video playback having x264 and x265 hardware decoding and excess heat isn’t a problem.


I’m not familiar with mplayer but maybe try Kodi? Possibly it may make better use of what hardware decoding the XU4 has and this should keep the heat down.


Even kodi uses cpu while running.Faced the same issue. Is all necessary mali gpu drivers are installed while installing dietpi os? or do i need to install the drivers seperately? Is there any other player that uses MFC or hardware acceleration while running in xu4?