HiFi (ympd) Alternative

At least for me the Hifi music player (ympd) hasn’t had any sound output for the last few releases on raspi b+ and odroid c1+. I would like to suggest cherrymusic as an alternative. It is fairly lightweight and the navigation is slightly better than ympd.

I’ll have to get out my RPi B and test. Were you running Jessie/Wheezy on the RPi B+?

I’ll check the C1 installation tomorrow.

CheeryMusic looks interesting thanks for sharing, I’ve created a ticket for this request. Will look into it when I can.

Never mind I was assuming ympd was like ampache/subsonic. As far as cherrymusic goes I believe it only requires python not the full lamp stack. It’s also completely free unlike subsonic.

Thanks again.

YMPD is a front end for MPD (music player daemon). So its essentially 2 programs.

I just installed HiFi on my C1. Its outputting audio over HDMI fine. Was your TV turned on before you booted up the C1?

Sorry I was not clear. my dietpi is not hooked up to a tv or speakers. I thought hifi was a Web streaming server.

ah :slight_smile:

Yep, its not a streamer. HiFi is a audio player.