Hi all,
I’m looking a way to save maximum energy when the boar is unused.
Right now I’m turning the boar to suspend mode but I’d like to go ahead with the hibernation.
So I downloaded the hibernate command and run it.
The board goes to sleep but if I measure the power, it is very similar to the suspend one and it is not zero, the expected value.
I guess it is not a ‘real’ hibernation.

Is it possible to land in a hibernation mode with zero consumption ?

Thanks, regards


i don’t think it’s possible to have zero power consumption. This would be same like power off/down.

Hibernation, at least on Windows, means a real shutdown/zero power, but with current RAM-content/system state stored to the disk.

Not sure, the manpage states clearly it is “Suspend to disk” => zero power: https://manpages.debian.org/buster/hibernate/hibernate.8.en.html
On the other hand the package description states “Suspend to RAM or disk”: https://packages.debian.org/en/buster/hibernate
Not sure how to choose or force a certain mode. Probably it also depends on what the kernel/board supports. It uses the /sys/power/state interface, hence one could go through these files (via cat) and check what is actually supported.