Help with VPN? IPVanish

I have an IPVanish subscription, on Windows I usually use the app so I can select my country and in my torrent client I have it set up to use SOCKS5 proxy details.

On my dietpi instance I’m using transmission and I can’t see anyway to set up SOCKS5, looking in the dietpi network settings I can’t see a way to set up socks5 either. There’s an option for proxy but when I entered my details and did the internet test it failed.

Is it possible to set up IPVanish with my instance?


did you tried to download IPVanish server config files?


I guess you would need to install OpenVPN as client and load the configs to be able to connect.

I’d suggest to install either OpenVPN client or IPsec client and set up a VPN tunnel. In this case all the Pi’s traffic including Transmission will go through VPN tunnel without any other customisations.
In my opinion OpenVPN is easier to set up, but it provides worse speed results because Pi’s CPU doesn’t have encryption modules enabled.
Ipsec will be a little harder to setup, but it will provide higher speeds.

If your subscription ends soon, you might as well look at the native NordVPN client. The setup take 1-5 minutes, but you need a NordVPN subscription.

I have tested 3 protocols:

  1. Wireguard - provides best speed results. IPVanish doesn’t support this protocol or at least I couldn’t fine any info about it.
  2. Ipsec - download speed equals to Wireguard; upload ~25% slower.
  3. OpenVPN - 2-2.2 times slower then Wireguard.

Thanks, will I see much slowdown in speeds with nord vpn? My current sub ends in April so I could switch then

well if I’m not mistaken there should be a free trail period available on nord vpn. Should be safe to give it a try and test the speed.