Help With Setting Up VPN On diet Pi


I’m trying to set up my VPN with my DIetPi, I can go for manual configuration but before I could go the regular route, I was hoping to try out some of the features that might not work outside off the app like maybe split tunneling or IKS. Can anyone help me out here? If it helps I’m using Ivacy and v6.9

I would say go to the website and ask the customer support dept.
They will definitely solve your problem.

I was hoping it shouldn’t come to that. :confused:

For connect of a device to your dietpi machine

# dietpi-software

install pivpn

Very simple…then use filezilla to download the .ovpn file, put on device you want to connect with…then import the .ovpn…and kapow

That’s how I run mine

Or are you wanting to have your dietpi connect to a VPN?