Help with OrangePi PC and trouble with usb ports

Hello all!
Im install on my orangepi pc dietpi v6.0(stretch) image and after update it to latest version - v6.25.3.
On this version only one usb port is working(single port on board). Twin ports on board not working:(
What i need to enble all ports? Thanks!

Have you done an apt-get update and upgrade yet?

i think i have

Hi, where did you download last image? Can you write here link for image DietPI for OrangePi PC ?

I download dietpi v6 image before it was removed from this site and then automatically update to latest version during installation

Ooooh , can you share image on mega or dropbox or anywhere? I will try on my Orangepi PC

When I was running a 1TB NAS drive, I ended up having to provide external power to the drive because the power output of the USB ports are nowhere near enough to run a 2.5" drive…I ended up cutting a USB to SATA cable, then tying in an extra 5vdc USB plug and heatshrinking it, after that didn’t have problems…
Also just like the OPi Zero they run hot hot hot…but in my custom 3D printed case I designed with a 40mm fan on 5vdc, not only is it silent…but w/ a modest heatsink…I rarely get above 40°C even when running at 100% cpu usage

Truth be told…I kept having nextcloud lockups quite a bit on older Dietpi (then when I did an upgrade…it completely bricked it [probably my fault])…ended up going with openmediavault ARM build and it has been stable as a rock since…but that is not a ding against Dietpi

Nice job on the case :slight_smile: