Help with my first Dietpi install

This week I setup my first virtualbox with a virtualbox bullseye VM with Mate and PiHole as services. I have a lot to learn but here’s one place I could use help today.

When I launch VirtualBox, it opens the VB Manager where I have to choose Start which opens the Virtual VM. This brings me to a terminal screen where I login as root and then it connects to my Desktop. So far so good.

What I’d like to do is have VirtualBox autostart with the VM and Desktop running w/o any steps on my part. For example, if I restart my Mac or after a power outage, my VM setup with the PiHole service would open automatically.

I’m a beginner with minimal experience creating or interpreting scripts. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Basically 2 different things.

First one is out of DietPi. It’s basically on how to start a VM automatically on your MAC. There you would need to check on a VirtualBox specialized board if something like this is possible.

The other question was on how to automatically start into desktop mode without doing a login. For this you could configure an autostart using dietpi-autostart and select appropriate option.