Help with mounting drives

I am new to dietpi and linux in general so please be patient with me.

I’m trying to set up my pi to run sonarr, radarr, deluge, and nordvpn.
On my mac mini I have some external drives that contain my movies and tv shows and is running plex server. I can’t figure out how to mount those drives on the pi so I can direct where things download. I set up an ftp server on my mac mini but I’m not sure how to access that on the pi.

dietpi-drive_manager should help you out

Also…dig around for mounting external drive debian (since dietpi is based mostly off debian)

Jep, if you physically plug the drives into the Pi, run dietpi-drive_manager to detect and mount it.

If you want to mount the FTP share from your Mac on the Pi, you need to install curlftpfs, create a mount point and use the curlftpfs command to mount the share as local drive, e.g.:

apt install curlftpfs
mkdir /mnt/ftp_share
curlftpfs -o allow_other <ftp_user>:<ftp_password>@<your.mac.ip.address> /mnt/ftp_share

I think we need to re-add this functionality to dietpi-drive_manager. We dropped support due to security concerns, but there is a way to have this auto-mounted without user/pass in /etc/fstab, but in separate secured config file.

However, note that on local network, NFS or Samba works well and can be applied/mounted via drive manager easily. For file transfer from outside your local network, secured/encrypted file transfer via SFTP or SCP is recommended.

I wonder if the autofs and automount packages would help?

now controlling/linking those mounted directories to the correct locations and permissions might be an issue

Jep generally those should work as well. Not sure, but one should be able to customise the mount points and options for auto mounts.

This is another feature we could add to drive manager, if it is possible the configure the mount options to match those we apply to fstab.

Thanks!! I tried curlftpfs and they are now mounted but when I browse the drives they are all empty.

Did you use the allow_other option as stated above?

And did you try the other way round: Placing some file into the mounted FTP share and check, if it appears on the FTP server system?