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Hey everyone, firstly please forgive me for my total lack of knowledge on something that is probably not that difficult…

I am running a digital dashboard in my race car using the tuning software for my ECU on a raspberry Pi 3+. I was running Raspbian previously, but since the card corrupted i thought i would take the opportunity to utilize a lighter, faster booting distribution. So far i really like the fact that the system is light and boots 3-5x faster then previously. My only issue is i cannot for the life of me get the tunerstudio software to auto start upon bootup. The command language i used previously doesn’t appear to work. I found some rightups, and the command language doesn’t work either…

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


just to avoid a misunderstanding. DietPi for Raspberry Pi devices is still a Raspberry OS. Ok it’s an extrem lightweight (Diet) version of Raspberry OS but it’s still a Raspberry OS with some cool scripting on top :wink:

Are you able to start your software manually on command line?

To start a script on boot, you could create an own systemd service or use @reboot entry within your crontab.

The software will boot when manually started from the .sh file, and I can get it to start from the command line as well.

I have been trying to follow this writeup, but the commands and directories are not found apparently:

This is the command line that was used previously running raspbian (noobs) and no issue: sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart
I tried modifying that for the proper directories on the new install and it does not work.

I’m no coder and usually figure out the minimum i need to get what i need to work to work. This time im stumped.

ok you need to have a desktop. Did you already installed one? And the folder /DietPi did not exist anymore. It was moved to /boot :slight_smile:

/home/root is not existing as well. It’s /root

I have the most lightweight desktop option running currently. I understand that /root is my main directory as well and have been using that.

at what point in the guide you are stuck exactly?

mkdir /home/root/.config/autostart
nano /home/root/.config/autostart/ts.desktop

Neither of these commands register. Perhaps the guide was wrong, perhaps the software has changed, idk. All I know is when i try and search how to auto start an application upon bootup, i get a ton of different answers and none of what I have tried has worked thus far.

that’s exactly what I told above

Sorry, I should have clarified. I tried using just /root as well.

I’ll give it another shot again later. I have been trying to get this running in between meeting today so perhaps i typed it incorrectly.

I did a test installation on my VM and it’s working quite well.

I got it to work this time. I’m not sure which part i missed originally, but after going through it meticulously i got it to work.

Is there a good way to keep up on changes follow the directories/coding works? I don’t do a lot of this, and most all of it comes down to the bare minimum to getting the system working on my race car. I know i’ll have to do this again in the future for any number of reasons and don’t want to run into the same kind of issue again.

Thanks again for the help.

probably something screwed up during testing :thinking:

What did you like to keep track on exactly? On your own changes or on changes done on DietPi scripting ?

I might have to reload the software entirely once a year, possibly more. Since i so rarely do this, what I typically do is write down and save the exact steps used previously. If something changes such as no longer using /home/root that can throw me off and cause me to have to go through the process i just did of trying the same things over and over, searching, and eventually coming to a helpful forum like this and asking silly questions I’m sure most people actually know :rofl:

Is there a database or some way to track when something like a root directory change is done between versions, updates, etc?

well there is a version history available in two places

GitHub DietPi/CHANGELOG.txt at master · MichaIng/DietPi · GitHub
DietPi Docs DietPi Release Notes - Docs

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