Help needed with Docker and Nextcloud


I have an Odroid with Nextcloud and some other services running on the most recent DietPi version. I decided to move to CasaOS, which is also my first experience with Docker. My problem is my Nextcloud instance.
I use Nextcloud with Nginx, MariaDB and Redis. This setup works great for my small server and I would love to keep it for performance reasons. But I am unable to find any good Docker compose file that would do this for me. Is anyone here able to help me out?

Thx in regards

What did you expect from moving into Docker with your NC instance?

And for the NC docker container, simply have a look for the official NC docs

You can tar up the entire docker image and migrate that way

do this method…I did it on a VM on a PROXMOX box…on smaller containers…not stacks (and not sure the persistent data mappings were included) [they were simple cloudflare zero trust mappings that didn’t require persistent data, followed the commit, compress, move, and run commands from below and they worked just fine, you might have to manually move the persistent data folders {rsync} them to the new machine]

But it seemed to work

Found this…a way to migrate an entire stack in portainer!

Setup portainer as “master” on one machine, the others use “portainer agent” and connect into it, it’s how I have all my portainer instances setup

I also used this method initially to build/deploy the stack (just found that portainer can’t migrate a stack not built inside portainer…and docker-compose.yml it can’t move…so might have to move each container individually with the persistent data directories)

It’s not about moving Docker container. It’s about migrating from bare metal into Docker

ah…might install docker…get nextcloud running…then follow this (export/dump database)

Other than that…dunno