Help, How to add scanners on DietPi


I’m wondering how to make my Epson L360 Scanner/Printer to work on DietPi. I am looking for a way for the scanner part to work. Here are the things I have tries so far:

  • Installed simple-scan (installs, but does not detect the scanner)
  • Installed Epson Scanner driver for ARM (installs, includes an image scanner app under graphics. It opens but crashes, now simple-scan crashes as well)

If you guys managed to have it working, I’d like to know how to do it. I’ve read the HP printers works, even the combo printers too. I’d like to have it working on Epson as well though.


many thanks for your request. Not sure if there will be someone able to answer your question, as it’s quite specific. I would recommend to check Epson website if they are offering Linux drivers for your printer device. If yes, you could download the *.deb file and try to install it.

Just found this…if it helps