Hello I would like 2 hear how your product runs Doom & Gimp

As well as blender… I need to create art work on my Pi?


You’ll need to install a desktop 1st (eg: LXDE desktop). Once completed:

For Blender and Gimp, you can install it with apt:

apt-get install blender gimp

You may have issues with openGL rendering with Blender on the RPi. There is a OpenGL (ES I believe) driver floating around for the RPi: http://www.raspberryconnect.com/gamessoftware/item/314-trying_out_opengl_on_raspberry_pi_3

For Doom, i think it may need to be compiled. Under the section “DOOOOOOOM!”: https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/setting-up-raspbian-and-doom