Headless music server + local player

Looking at turning my PI 4 into a headless music server, not bothered with video as the HD recorder has a full video server (does music as well but rubbish for my large music collection).
Main use is playing locally through my bluetooth tv soundbar but also want the capability to stream to other devices, e.g ipod touch, laptop etc.

Looking at ReadyMedia DLNA or possibly and I presume I will need a local music player
I guess Ampache would be my second choice and am thinking PLEX or Kodi is a bit OTT, Idon’t need online services.
Anybody any suggestions would be appreciated?

check out MPD


I found this…Dietpi has yMPD and myMPD and O!MPD as stock packages

In fact check out the DietPi-Software under Media Systems for further packages that might work