Hass.IO available

I think it would be agreat addition if Hass.IO was added to the software installs. I relaise it is pretty painless, but to have it supported by DietPi would be great.

Hass.IO is so much more than Home-Assistant.

Hass.io is much more than Home Assistant, thats true. And this exactly causes a lot of potential issues with DietPi. It doubles and hence conflicts with our config scripts and quite intrusively does changes to the system. This is great for a single-purpose system, but not for DietPi which aims for multi-purpose systems.

At least priority of adding support for such kind of software, which you can consider to be (and even download) as own OS, has low priority, same for OpenMediaVault e.g. and others. Great for DietPi is software which does its core job only, and does not try to do a bunch of other things. Hence Home Assistant is great here, which is an isolated program, working with its modules, hence this is what fits perfectly into DietPi :slight_smile:.

Of course one can always install Hass.io manually. Should be not much trouble with their installer script? Just keep in mind that the result will limit or break other DietPi configs and DietPi-Software installs potentially.