hard drive space not matching - samba - mac

I am trying to move files to the server that I made with my diet-pi but inside finder (mac) this is what I see:


it only shows 23,3 gb avilable and when i tr to move a bigger file it cautions me about being to big even when i have 1tb free. :thinking:

any ideas?

many thanks for your report.

Basically on your dh -h command output you see on the first line /dev/root with a size of 29GB total and 22GB available. This is your SD card inside your DietPi device. I assume it’s a 32GB SD card, correct?

The last 4 lines /dev/sda1-4 seems to be some external devices that you plugged into your SBC. These 4 external devices are mounted to


So they are mounted directly to these sub-directories and /mnt/storage is still part of your 32GB SD card :wink:

Once you login into your SAMBA server, you will land on /mnt/storage and it’s normal to see the available space of your SD card at this point. If you try to copy some data, they will be stored on your SD card as well. To have it copied to your external devices, you would need to change into one of the 4 sub-directories.

Yes it is a 32gb card.

Should I mount the drives somewhere else?

Im still confused.


You just need to change into one of the four sub directories and you should be able to store your data.

Hey, I am still confused because when I enter those directories it shows them still at 23 GB
There is nothing else mapped.


I think i moved files already inside my mac a few weeks ago but now it is impossible.

pls can you go to /mnt/storage/Media on your DietPi system and past the following

df -h .

just added it to the same link:


what happen if you try to copy files directly into the Media folder?



for testing purposes, pls can you add the following to the /etc/samba/smb.conf

        comment = DietPi Share
        path = /mnt/storage/Media
        browseable = yes
        create mask = 0775
        directory mask = 0775
        valid users = dietpi
        writeable = yes
max connections = 8

pls restart SMB server afterwards.

systemctl restart smbd.service

Now, you should be able to see a new shared folder test which is linked directly to your /mnt/storage/Media directory.

That worked . :smiley:

Thanks a lot !

ok, that way you could add all your 4 directories to SAMBA. Just create a separate entry/section for all 4