Hanging remote NFS mount hijacks docker service

I run dockerized version of Tailscale and use a remote address to mount an NFS disk using dietpi_drivemanager.

If I restart dietpi, docker and other services subsequently hang since dietpi now endlessly tries to mount a disk that is offline as tailscale is not up and the instance is not inside the VPN.

I had to manually sudo service portmap stop to let dietpi even properly execute the uninstall of NFS Client (even the script became unresponsive) I was also not able to kill the mount using htop

Is there a way to make the NFS client wait 5 mins (for the tailscale container to start) before executing the mount commands? A proper solution would be to mount only when a specific container is up and running, and remote IP addresses are issued.


Usually, the NFS mount should be created with x-systemd.automount flag inside /etc/fstab. Means, a mount is only triggered if an application tries to access data on it. This leads to the assumption that there is something who like to access this share during boot. What kind of data you have stored on it?