Handbrake stalls overnight

I am trying to use handbrake to convert a bunch of videos on my main PC to the DietPi via samba and am finding that overnight handbrake stalls on the muxing step of a video in the queue for no apparent reason. It only happens overnight. I can leave it all day long and it’s fine. When I wake up and remove and readd the video, it’s fine.

Is there a chance that there is a DietPi service or maintenance causing a restart of samba or something overnight?

did you have set any daily backups? Or automatic updates? Usually there is nothing that should stop services over night. You could have a look to SAMBA service log to see if it has been stopped.

Now that you mention it, I think I’m doing an automatic backup of my DietPi settings. I don’t have backups of files running though. Would the Cron job running daily at ironically 1:25am be causing this issue? I thought it was just backing up settings?

part of the backup should be to stop all services to ensure consistent backup. It is not a backup of settings only. dietpi-backup will create a backup of your entire system.