Google Drive terminal app, is there any?


This is my first post and I want to thank you for creating such a great distribution for my original Rpi Model B. I am using it now as a NAS + Torrent Server/Client combo but something is missing from the equation… Google Drive…

Is anyone aware of a lightweight terminal client for Google Drive, except grive which is outdated? I mean, an app which is already packaged and able to update it through apt… sure I can compile others out there, but is there in fact any already packaged for our dietpi systems?

Hi twilight,

Hmm … have a look at Gdrive 2 ?

Take “gdrive-linux-rpi” for RPi or if you have other ARM SBC, “gdrive-linux-arm” or “gdrive-linux-arm64”.
The pre compiled binaries are statically linked, after download only need to make the binary executable.

Thank you k-plan… I will install it.