Google Domains IPV6 DDNS

Every time I update my ddns for my google domain, it only updates the IPV4 address. Since I’m behind a CGNAT, that doesn’t do anything for me. How do I update Google Domains DDNS with my ipv6 address instead?

Currently, I’m using a curl command to do it thusly:


So how can I have it register with my IPV6 address only?


something you would need to check with Google. According API docs, you would need to specify myip value on the update url

The IP address to which the host is set. If not supplied, we use the IP of the agent that sent the request.
Important: If your agent uses an IPv6 address, myip is required. You can check your agent’s IP address at: >> .

I did some research for you and found following script Script to update a Google Domains DNS record · GitHub

I found that as well and still couldn’t get it working.

It’s been about 2 hours now… and I just realized my ipv6 was down for my network due to something else i was working on earlier.


did you specified myip with your current IPv6 address?