Google Cloud Prints end - please put alternative into DietPi

Dear Sir or Madam,
please check if an alternative for Google Cloud Print can be integrated into DietPi:

Many thanks and kind regards.

Many thanks for your suggestion. Yes indeed we’ll remove the Cloud Print software option with next DietPi release already to not ship an option that works for less than two months. We’ll have a look at PaperCut and other alternatives that can be implemented in the same turn.

I just received notification that Google will be discontinuing their cloud print service at the end of the year. What are the plans for setting up a print server now? I found the Google cloud print to be a very easy setup and easy to use with all the machines my family has and would like to find something just as easy.


I merged your question as it’s same as above

I was wondering why dietpi+google’s cloudprint doesn’t seem to work on my printer lately, and finally got around checking it. It states that the device firmware is outdated for some reason. OK whatever. Updated my dietpi, and still no go.

Upon checking, following the tradition of Google removing support for their products, Google Cloud Print is going out on 31st December 2020. So… any alternatives that people are using?

Looks like papercut require 64bit architecture. Means it’s not an alternative for current RPi platform as it’s still based on 32bit (until Foundation finished 64bit image)

papercut@DietPi3:~ $ sh ./
Extracting... (this may take some time)
8904+1 records in
8904+1 records out
36471285 bytes (36 MB, 35 MiB) copied, 2.21465 s, 16.5 MB/s

Error: Mobility Print only supports 64 bit architecture
Install aborted!
papercut@DietPi3:~ $

As well it seems cloud printing is available for Chromebook users only atm