Gogs not available for Odroid C2?


I intended to install Gogs on my Odroid C2, but it is not listed in the available software list and I have found one post suggesting it might not be available for this specific board.

Is that so?

If so, why? and dhould I be able to install it in my own or the C2 is fundamentally incompatible with Gogs for some reason?

My interest in Gogs is that I am looking for the lightest Git alternative that I could find, and I´m under the impression that it is much lighter than Gitea.

Any insights will be appreciated.

Thank you.


you could run following to check if a software title is available or blocked for your device

dietpi-software list | grep gogs

Of course you are free to install it manually yourself.


ok, that outputs …

gogs: personal github server with web interface | +git +mariadb disabled for aarch64 | > https://dietpi.com/forum/t/dietpi-software-details-for-all-installation-options/22/66

…which confirms it is not available for this specific arch.

I’m curious as to why though, so I can asses if it is something I can eventually resolve or it is plain impossible with this board.


probably due to aarch64 architecture. I guess MichaIng knows why it’s disabled.

Yes there were no ARMv8 binaries available until just the very last release: https://github.com/gogs/gogs/releases/
:smiley: I’ll implement/enable it tomorrow for next release, you should be able to apply the changes manually then.

EDIT: Fix on the way: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/pull/3922
Since the file names have been reasonably standardised, sadly a one-liner fix is not that easy, although the following would work:
Remove this line to enable it for ARMv8: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/pull/3922/files#diff-98445566b948cc76bb45181ccd463ee93a7a441dbc8b25763d1b88f05f4ef8c5L1015
Replace the URL in the very first fallback_url: https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi/pull/3922/files#diff-98445566b948cc76bb45181ccd463ee93a7a441dbc8b25763d1b88f05f4ef8c5L5224
with: https://github.com/gogs/gogs/releases/download/v0.12.3/gogs_0.12.3_linux_armv8.tar.gz
which is the currently latest (and only) ARMv8 build.

hey there, thanks a Ton for the help.

I had noticed the newly released ARMv8 build and was looking at attempting to install it somehow, but I’m much happier following your advice!

I’ll come back once I had made some progress.


Alright!! I think I got it running already!! Thank you @MichaIng for the help :smiley:

what I did, although probably not exactly what you had in mind, was to get the git version of dietpi-software and run it locally to install Gogs. Then I followed the instructions provided in DietPi’ s website


to configure Gogs.

The only thing that I had to tweak was that the pass for the “gogs” user in mysql/mariadb was not set up as “dietpi” as the instructions state (*) . I went around this by changing the db user at the console and used the new “known” password for the web installer.

(*) Now that I think about it the pass was probably the “global” one that DietPi allows us to setup when configuring a fresh instance…hmmm, I should have thought that earlier :thinking:

Anyway, it is running now! Wohoo!

Now I just have to learn to use it so I can tell if I got it running properly too with this maneuvering :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you again!

Yes usually global application password is used. Can you link the website you found incorrect information on. I will go to correct it.


this post in DietPi’ s forum was my reference…:


… but I got there not by searching the forum but by going from the home page at www. dietpi.com → Features → DietPi Software → Gogs → How do I use this software?

ok changed. I added as well

  • Database = MySQL

on my test it was set to PostgreSQL as default

You are correct, PostgreSQL was pre-selected in my case too, but I checked the installed software and confirmed only mysql was installed.

ok I requested a change on our new online docs as well https://github.com/MichaIng/DietPi-Docs/pull/254