Just found this

Glances is a cross-platform system monitoring tool written in Python

It can also be generate it’s own webpage for remote monitoring (if started that way)

Might be a great addon for DietPi

(I did a manual install and it does work on DietPi, just not as a package)

$sudo apt install glances

looks interesting but it seems to require constantly some CPU

easy to install. First install Python from dietpi-software and afterwards run following to get all modules

pip3 install --user 'glances[action,browser,cloud,cpuinfo,docker,export,folders,gpu,graph,ip,raid,snmp,web,wifi]'

start the web server

glances -w

cool, there is a shell version too w/o the heavier than usual grind…it works well, expect 3-5% usage while running but it gives you tons of info

How to Install Glances on Debian 11 or 10 - LinuxCapable