Getting SPI to work on RockPiS running Dietpi v9.1.1

I have been using RockPiS running the latest dietpi version - 9.1.1. :grinning:

I have been able to successfully install libmraa (eclipse based GPIO library with bindings to Python from here: GitHub - eclipse/mraa: Linux Library for low speed IO Communication in C with bindings for C++, Python, Node.js & Java. Supports generic io platforms, as well as Intel Edison, Intel Joule, Raspberry Pi and many more.) and I was able to play around the UARTs 0 and2 attached to β€˜/dev/ttyS0’ and β€˜/dev/ttyS2’ respectively.

I can also access the I2C instance 1.

I am also able to control some GPIOs , toggle them basically.

Only missing thing is the access to SPI bus. I have gone through the DeviceTreeOverlay for Radxa’s 4.1.4 kernel from here: Device-tree-overlays - Radxa Wiki and have ensured that I am configuring the devices intact to use the below peripherals.


I can configure the same Peripherals on the RockPiS - Debian Buster Image (running kernel 4.1.4). All these peripherals are working fine with the help of the device tree overlays that they have provided.

I checked with the dietpi forum with respect to device tree overlay and found this GitHub - radxa/overlays: Additional device tree overlays to support different hardwares on Radxa products.

I can see that the overlay file can be built manually and I have got one built for SPI-1. Despite , it is not letting me initialize SPI1 fro libmraa on python3.11

Any help would be greatly appreciated.