Getting Gigabit Networking on a Raspberry Pi B+


can please someone explain me the steps to setup usb eth network, because Rpi3b eth speed is higher via usb:
“Note about model 3 B+: The Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ includes a Gigabit wired LAN adapter onboard—though it’s still hampered by the USB 2.0 bus speed (so in real world use you get ~224 Mbps instead of ~950 Mbps). So if you have a 3 B+, there’s no need to buy an external USB Gigabit adapter if you want to max out the wired networking speed!”

Is there already official Dietpi tutorial? I did not found one.


Wasn’t it recognized upon plugging it in?
Check the following:

lsusb; lsmod;sudo ip -s link

yeah, but will it transfer all static ip settings tu usb eth conn, once lan cable is moved from onboard rj45 to usb-rj45 adapter?
I’m connecting to server only with ssh, that’s why…

well just plug a 2nd cable and configure the usb interface as needed. Once working, remove the cable from onboard interface.

No, the settings are per interface. So if the onboard is eth0 and usb is eth1, you’ll need to configure eth1 as well, then move the cable.