General thoughts from a new user

I’ve used DietPi on a couple of occasions now and am really impressed. On this occasion it was to use a Pi Zero with a TFT. I’d already proved I could get the TFT working using a std Jessie image so was just going to repeat what I had done and see if it worked (it did). I knew from past experience that I could setup the WiFi and a static IP from the dietpi.txt file and that was the main reason for using it.

First comment is on the Getting Started page. I’d suggest updating the preferred SD writing tool to Etcher as this seems to be the easiest route now.

Having updated the dietpi.txt file I set it on it’s way headless. Unfortunately, there is then no way to know when the install has finished. I therefore killed the SBC, rewrote the SD and started again with a monitor attached. I’d suggest an option to shut the SBC down once it has finished the install so you know it has finished.

The other suggestion is around the ability to install software as part of the initial process. In order to get something to autoinstall, you need it’s ID. To get the ID you need to have a working system (Catch22). Could the website include a simple, full list of SW and their IDs please? I did look and did not find a complete list. In my case I was looking for PIP.

Finally, for users coming from Raspbian, I think an option to add in a ‘Pi’ user so that it then looks and acts like Raspbian would be a great addition. So many tutorials etc are written assuming that this is the starting point, it would help the less experienced and might widen the appeal. YMMV.