General question on working with DietPi

Hi there,

first big thanks to all of you who develop and maintain DietPi. For a server stuff newbie like me it’s a great help to have a system giving me almost everything i’d like to do and try out with my new server.

Now I have some general question on how to work with DietPi and everything around that.

I’ve been switching to Linux in 2016 when Win10 came up and been on Ubuntu-derivates from there. So i’m very used to not to work with root/non-root users but doing all my administrative work from a sudo-enabled user.

When i set up my first own server with DietPi recently i wanted to continue doing so. For example i wanted a Syncthing instance to sync my user data between home-pc, laptop, tablet and cellphone.

For that i set up a new user with sudo rights on DietPi, installed Syncthing from there, synced the data from home-pc to DietPi-users home directory and from there to laptop. Everything is working fine until now.

After that i did the same for my mp3-collection using Jellyfin. Another, new sudo-user, music collection on /media/new-user/music-collection and everything worked as long as i used browsers on client devices for access.

My idea was to seperate functions/apps/programs and the (my) user data into the areas of different users where every user has a specific job to to such as install the appropriate software, have a part of my userdata to work with and so on.

What i’m wondering now (and therefore this post) is:

Do i have a complete misconception of things when it comes to working with servers like DietPi? Is my way of structuring and separating functions and data into separate areas a decent way to manage server things, is it simply wrong/stupid/useless or - even worse - creating problems on the long run.

How do you guys do your stuff? Do you use root user for everything or are there any individual concepts you’re following using your DietPi-Systems.

I’d be very interested in your thoughts on that and the ways you guys do your stuff. Any input will be very welcome as i’m still trying to make my mind up on what could be best practise for me.

Thank you in adance for your answers.

DietPi cares about this stuff when installing software via dietpi-software. Generally it creats a user for each software you install, but this depends on the sofware.

Ususally I use root user to interact with the system.

Thank you for your input. :+1: