General Plex questions

Hi all,
I didn’t quite manage to migrate my Plex install from my dead MacMini to my R-Pi4 as well as I’d hoped.
I think the issue was in converting the Mac’s .plist preferences file into XML for the Linux system.
I first set Plex up many years ago and spent some time getting the settings right so that Plex would not get metadata or album cover art from any other source other than the embedded metadata. My Plex collection is 95% music. It has been so long since I did that that I have forgotten which steps to take to prevent Plex from doing this.
So I’ve had to set up my Libraries from scratch again and even though many music files have had album art saved I now need to go through the process of settings Plex correctly so it will actually use the embedded cover art.
But anyway, one thing that is odd to me is that Plex Server has the option to identify itself as a player. But yet, if Plex isn’t running in a browser window, even though the server itself is running, this player is not available on the network.
Does anyone know of a way of having a Plex player on DietPi/Rasbian/Linux that could start at boot and not require the browser to run?

Just for clarification: You want to be able to remote control audio output on the server device, instead of streaming it to the client (browser) right?

Generally PMS is a streaming server, means it streams your media to the client (browser) where it is played. I’m not aware (although don’t use PMS actively) if it is possible to force playback through the server audio (and in case attached screen) devices, although would be a reasonable feature, still a fundamental difference :wink:.

Ah now I found the feature you likely meant:
So indeed with Plex you can choose a different (connected) device as player, great! However probably it is by design that the server itself is not a choosable player but only a connected browser (or app) is.

Generally since this is Plex-specific, check out:

Check the Plexamp app

Thanks for your responses.
Yes I wanted to output audio from the server device to my amplifier, otherwise I need another device/player in the mix somewhere.
Anyhoo, since posting my R-Pi 4 has died and will not boot so I’m on the lookout for an alternative