Fuzon Mp3 - Info


Download Fuzon_Mp3:
Pre-requirements VC2013++ Redist
Fuzon Mp3 uses the latest C++ standards, Download and install x32 and/or x64 as needed.

Fuzon Mp3 (Win32 bit) - If unsure, this is the puppy.
8.7 MB file on MEGA (8.7mb - Contains “Fuzon Visualizer”)

Fuzon Mp3 is a streamlined and lightweight Audio player. Coded in pure C++ using BASS and FLTK Api’s to provide “as it should sound” true sound quality with minimal CPU/RAM usage.
A fully functional Audio Media player that doesn’t waste CPU/Memory and sounds excellent.

  • Supported file formats MP3/OGG/FLAC/WAV/XM/IT/S3M/Opus/WMA
  • Uses less memory than Windows 7 Calculator (calc.exe = 11mb working set, FuzonMp3 32bit = 10mb working set)
  • Full VST FX v2.4 support. Now you can master those MP3’s in realtime during playback
  • Playlist manager with auto folder scan (quick, simple, fast)
  • 32bit DSP
  • Inbuilt 8 Band EQ with High pass filter
  • Delay Time Calculator (for all you music composers!)
  • External Fuzon Mp3 Visualizer for 32bit version (Early prototype), Powered By Oddity Engine 2.0 (DX11 GPU required)

How do i add music from my Hard Drive?

  • Bring up the Playlist (Click Playlist button)
  • Click the Add button (bottom right)
  • Browse until you find your music folder (click drive to list all drives)
  • When you done, click add

How do i run VST’s?
Fuzon MP3 scans all supported VST’s at startup, so before you run the player, Simply:

How do i save my VST settings?

  • VST Settings are automatically saved in realtime.
  • To reset a VST; Either click reset, or, use the “in-vst” presets where available"
  • If you want to send your VST save to a friend: Simply copy “vst/MyVst.bin” and send it over. Ensure your both using the same VST versions!

How do i use the external visualizer?
If you have the 32bit Build, Simply:

  • Click the “Vis Button”. When the Fuzon Visualizer is running:
  • Press Space to toggle presets.
  • Press ALT+Enter to enter/exit fullscreen mode

Whats “Core Updates/Sec”?
This controls all system TICK updates in the player, including:

  • FFT and all spectrum updates (Including Fuzon Visualizer)
  • Core Interface Updates and refreshes
  • Suggested Setting = 32 Updates/Sec. As we are using FLTK’s callback, this provides the most stable and accurate callbacks (check Options->Debug for more info)
  • Minimal Setting = 16 Updates/Sec. Disable FFT processing in Options->Spectrum, if you just want raw performance from the player.



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