Future of Odroid N2 and HC4 usb boot & petitboot

Hi @MichaIng,

After reading that post, and not wanting to dirty that thread, I open this one in order to discuss what to do with this 2 SMB in order to make them possible to boot from USB or SDD(in case of the HC4) or just the option to transfer rootfs to SSD/USB

If petitboot it’s a pain in the ass, and it keeps Dietpi to not get up to date with this 2 SMB, we need to decide if we want to override it, and make other steps in order to have Dietpi with all functionality.

I make this thread with the feeling of helping not demanding nothing at all.

DietPi :two_hearts:

Ah, now I answered here: Odroid HC4 booting from SSD - #39 by MichaIng

Not that enabling USB support via petitboot is not preventing is from going anywhere. It is just some convenience feature so that users do not need to erase the SPI, respectively flash mainline U-Boot to it first, e.g. by booting via SD card first or one of Hardkernel’s images. With mainline U-Boot it should all work well anyway.

With additional steps, all is possible, this is just to attempt to avoid the need to those additional steps and enable USB boot just OOTB, as petitboot is what Hardkernel’s SBCs with SPI are delivered with.

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It would be nice then to have that steps to achieve diferents results.