Full root filesystem encryption with remote unlock

I briefly searched and ended up here. Maybe FDE is already working? Can anyone point me in the correct direction?

If not, I still care about this! I am very interested in using DietPi. Reasons should not have to be provided why encryption is needed. It is expected, at least as a option, in 2023 and years before. I am wondering about the request? USB key would be a nice feature, but why not remote unlock via SSH?

This is what another similar project is doing and it has worked great for me since 2021.

Does DietPi have something similar?

If not, I still care about this!

I got an error about being a new user and only let me add 2 links. Wanted to add link to orig request.

Also, just came across this recent post that looks related.

We don’t have own guides but I did it once for testing on Raspberry Pi device including remote SSH login using following manual method keks24/raspberry-pi-luks: encrypt the "root" partition of the raspberry pi stock image "raspberry pi os lite" - raspberry-pi-luks - Codeberg.org