FRP (reverse proxy) & Let’s Encrypt Mapping

What is the best way to access multiple webserver securely via HTTPS by using multiple apps with dietpi installation. Assume if I have domain “” if I want to access vaultwarden, plex, homeassistant, adguardhome via my domain from outside lan.
I think with dietpi setup if I have everything installed on one machine then only take certificate via Let’s Encrypt Certbot for “” & access my apps by” https ://" https ://" https ://" https ://"
If these apps installed on two machines then FRP server & FRP client on second machine to make internal communication & Let’s Encrypt certificate for my domain of FRP server machine after that same web url.
Is there any possibility I can make subdomain like ” https ://" https ://" https ://” https ://" with dietpi existing tools?


II guess it might be easier to use Nginx as revers proxy. If you like a gui to manage your domains and certificates, you could have a look to Nginx Proxy Manager (NPM). It’s quite easy to setup on docker.

Another think you would need to be clear is, if you like to use sub domain or sub path to access your apps