Hello to all,

I would like to request that Fossil-scm software be added to DietPi.

I have been using Fossil to manage my software and software documentation projects for quite some time now. And I like it very much. I tried to compile it on the

Raspberry Pi without success. Then I tried to cross-compile it via linux-mint 18; again without success. I finally found an old version (1.33) of

Fossil-scm that was bundled into a copy of Raspbian OS from 2015. It works fine. But I want to be using DietPi OS.

Fossil was written by Richard Hipp; who is the guy that gave us sqlite

I currently have three DietPi / Raspberry Pi boards running 24/7 on my home local area network connected to the outside world via a pfsense box

The uptime for these boards is measured in months.

All the Best to the DietPi Team,


I am running 24/7

-Diet-Pi Cam

  • Image Gallery
  • Tor HotSpot
  • Webmin - Remote system management with web interface
  • LLSP Webserver - Lighttpd / SQLite / PHP
  • OpenSSH - Feature rich SSH server with SFTP/SCP support.

Hello to one and all
and happy holiday season to everyone.

Fossil - scm compiled for the Raspberry Pi is now available for download directly from the source.

Best Regards,

Thank you so much for sharing. I will download it now. subway surfers