Forums - phpBB3 - more info?

I installed phpBB3 from dietpi-software, understood that it’d automatically set up SQL, although when I start to set it up in the web interface for the first time, it won’t make it past the second step due to not recognizing SQL. Is there DietPi-based documentation available somewhere that addresses either of these setups?


Sounds like a possible failed MySQL installation. Lets take a look.

Can you run the following commands please, then paste results:

systemctl status mysql.service
dietpi-software list | grep =2

Edit: I see you made two posts, is the issue now resolved as per: Issue with phpBB3 and SQL

It turns out the MySQL install’s fine. I uninstalled & reinstalled phpbb3 and it’s working fine now, although it needs an update/upgrade, so I’m going to go ahead and set up that auto-update feature on it. Thank you for your response!