Folding@home still there??

Is folding@home gone from dietpi?

cant find it to install anywhere

Should be there, but only available on x86_64 devices, software ID == 2. Hui didn’t run it for a long while, time to fold some proteins again :smiley:.

Cant find it , i am running diet on a Raspberry pi tho . But i can swear ive seen it on my RPI (Dietpi) before…
But now i cant find it .

Would be nice…I tried…but it kept crashing on my stuff…I only run it on my PC’s…been running Seti@home and BOINC since 1999

Folding@home is and was always only available for x86_64 machines on DietPi and should have never shown up on an RPi. There is sadly no official ARM package available:

One reason, is that ARM devices at least some years ago were orders magnitudes slower than a simple PC with dedicated GPU, for this kind of computing tasks. It’s already older, but you get the idea:

As you can derive, it’s as well not only about compiling the package for ARM or not, it’s simply not working by it’s core, besides the FAHClient is not open source :wink:.

BOINC is another project with similar idea but different computing tasks and available for ARM. The idea was to implement this also into DietPi by times and by this will the “Computational Science” category from 1 to 2 :wink:. But not highest priority currently.