First run setup

How can this be done if the keyboard and mouse are not working?

Remote login via SSH.

which user you use to start Kodi?

Haven’t started anything on it, can’t do anything but boot up. Even booting down I have to cut the power.

Few more details, I am using RPi 4 and I have it connected to a touch screen (touch function not working just like mouse and keyboard). It booths fine and pretty quick as well but I can’t do anything past that point. I tried SSH via PuTTy and also remote desktop and can’t connect to it. As for the DietPi image, first I used Belinda Etcher, had the same issue; now I’m trying with Raspberry Pi Imager and still the same. I enabled SSH and set up WiFi before writing the image and still same issues exist. Could it be SD card formatting? What’s the recommended format?

Ahh this has nothing to do with Kodi and you are struggling with the first setup already? If yes, I would like to split your issue into an own new one.

Yes my issue is on DietPi firts startup not Kodi, and it is not the hardware because I tested it with other images and starts up and runs fine, so it’s something specific to DietPi

Ok, I have moved your problem to its own topic as it has nothing to do with the other topic.

I would recommend flashing a new image with Rufus. There is no need to enable SSH as it is active by default. How is your device connected to the network? LAN or WiFi? LAN would be the easiest solution.

Probably your touchscreen needs to be activated/configured first. If possible, perform the initial setup via SSH.

Still getting “connection refused” with SSH

You missed to answer question one how you connect. LAN or WiFi.

Sorry, I’m trying both LAN and WiFi
Used this as a guide: DIY Raspberry Pi Racecar Dashboard: The Ultimate Guide - YouTube and everything goes smooth except that I can’t use touch on my touch screen (which is 7’’ HDMI) or if I try without touch screen same happens with my keyboard and mouse (and I tried both Bluetooth and direct USB devices)

Ok what image do you use? Ours or the one from the video?

I tried both, I would like to use the one on the video as I will be using the device for the similar application but I could get it done with yours as well

Let’s try from beginning step by step. Forget about touchscreen, keyboard aso. Download our image, flash it to SD, connect to ethernet and boot the device. Does the device is showing up as connected on your router? Does it get an IP address?