First run over SSh WITHOUT ANY internet connection

Would be possible to first run over SSH WITHOUT any sort of internet connection? I basically want to flash the dietpi image on a microsd and ssh immediately, is this possible?


well SSH is already activated during first run. So you could SSH into your system right a way. However during first run, DietPi will perform an update of all Debian packages/components as well as update all DietPi scripts to latest version. But this is same behaviour independent if you use SSH or not. Next to that, after first initial run, DietPi did not contain any software components. So you can’t do anything with the system. Means, even if you would skip the first run update, you would get an empty system which doesn’t make much sense on my eyes.

False. Dietpi contains already a couple of software pre-installed. And BTW if I can access with a normal monitor and keyboard plugged in, why is not possible to skip that first boot routine junk and simply ssh and do whatever i want?

Just for my own interest, what kind of software is pre-installed you like to use?

Can you please stick to the initial argument? Is there a way to ssh at first run and do the rubbish initial startup later?

Hit Ctrl-c and interrupt the initial setup.

How can I do that over ssh? The whole point is to do EVERYTHING over ssh, I have my rpi in a location whare is not feasible to connect monitor and keyboard

well initial setup will fail anyway as there is no internet connection. Than you can exit the initial setup. This working on SSH same way as on direct connection.

No it didn’t, I have already tried that. It does not allow me to ssh in any way even if in theory ssh should be enable by default

SSH is enabled by default. You always should get a SSH login prompt

Trust me, it doesn’t work. I’ve tryed multiple things, such editing /etc/network/interfaces, dietpi.txt and nothing worked. Can you tell me if I should enable something in some config file?

Trust me, if you flash a fresh new DietPi image, it will have SSH activated right at the beginning. DietPi can be manages without physical keyboard and monitor within a headless environment. The only thing needed is a valid network connection. So you would need to have an IP address assigned. That’s the way how I manage all my RPi’s as well as VM installations. I don’t use any physical input devices at all.

But as I see, you already able to edit /etc/network/interfaces. So how do you have access to the system?

I’ve edited /etc/network/interfacs in my PC after flashing it, before inserting it in the rpi but it doesn’t work. I’m NOT able to ssh in any way what I’m doing wrong?

Just flash a new image to your SD card. Don’t edit any files. Just plug the SD card into your SBC and ensure you have a network cable connected. Just boot your device. Now your SBC should get an IP address assigned from your router. Use this IP to connect to your SBC using SSH.

Btw: what device your are using?