First boot - Fail to upgrade

I have just done a fresh install of DietPi 8.24 as virtual machine using Native PC (UEFI). All installation steps are successfully completed. In the first boot, I login as root, which triggers an auto upgrade (apt-get dist-upgrade). The upgrade hangs when trying to fetch linux-image

The image below shows the error that I get.

This is not letting me use DietPi-Software to install any software. Any suggestions how to resolve it?

Nothing you or we can do. This is an issue at global Debian package service. Probably temporary only. Or an issue with a mirror server. Just wait and try again later.

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Thanks for the reply. This seems to be linked to a Debian bug, reported here.

The repository has now been updated to 12.4 and everything works fine.

Don’t think they are related as you faced a server issue. Probably there was a web server update running or any other maintenance. Good it has been resolved.

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