Firefox-Problem with VNC-connection

Hello, I have installed DietPi on an OrangePi-Zero and it was working fine. Then I added the “VNC4 Server” option, and after some installations it also worked fine. But: When I try to open Firefox (Start \ Internet \ Firefox ESR) I always get this error-message:

Can can I solve this issue? Calculator and Xarchiver are staring without any problem.

Another Problem: After some time of inactivity the VNC-Screen turns black. I can solve this by restarting the VNC-service of the device when I am in my LAN, but how can I do this from elsewhere (or even stop the black screen)?

HW: Orange Pi Zero H2 512MB
SW: DietPi v6.17.12 | OrangePi Zero (armv7l)

Head more often about the VNC timeout. We should try to find a setting that assures VNC staying active, as long as there is a connection. Or otherwise it would need to reactivate on any user input, for this at least the connection needs to stay active, even that screen/output turns black.

Hmm not sure about firefox. Will revisit our install settings, perhaps something depends on certain kernel/firmware, which is not available or different configured on your OPi.