Finally N2+ can boot up directly from USB SSD without microSD and eMMC

Thanks for updating image and now i can finally use dietpi without microSD and eMMC .

Speed increase alot without using eMMC and microSD, Plugin WD blue sata m.2 ssd with enclosure i have like close to 200mb write and 339mb read , i don’ t need to move userdata to external ssd anymore and Nextcloud seems faster i am happy with it :grinning:


kudos to @MichaIng for doing all this incredible work :slight_smile:

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Great that it works now. I’m still puzzled how my freshly flashed latest petitboot has petitboot_active=1 set while in many other cases the same petitboot version seems to not have this set, so that we cannot reliably obtain in boot script whether petitboot is used or not :thinking:.

It just works for me to direct boot from external ssd that’s what I needed , And now I just install CasaOS in one of my N2+ , Dietpi + CasaOS = fun easy to manage docker .

Ps : Dietpi cannot boot from MMC with eMMC anymore

That is not true, it works fine here. Pretty strange since MMC mode eMMC boot was what the new U-Boot has fixed for you before, and that U-Boot did never change.