Finally Kodi works on rpi4 through dietpi buster

official kodi for buster hasn’t been optimized yet, but there are other kodi edition by pplware.
There is guide how to install it on raspbian forum

It hasn’t work on raspbian buster lite and dietpi until few days ago, but after some additional modification and dedication, it finally works on dietpi.
It work much faster and stable on dietpi than on raspbian full with my rpi4

Before installation, you need to make sure that

  1. you display resolution must be vc4-fkms-v3d
  2. your GPU/RAM Memory Split must be 320 or more
  3. don’t install kodi throuth diet-launcher. it needs to be done on terminal or ssh.

I connected my rpi4 with Logitech Harmony through bluetooth.
Auto boot is working. Everything works great.
I’m enjoying my kodi life.
Libreelec is not the only option anymore.

Thanks for sharing. We added this Kodi version to our installer as well with v6.26. We’ll wrap the first beta today or tomorrow.