File Permissions


Not sure if I have messed up my permissions or not but a normal TV series these days ends up looking like the pic attached.

I have dietpi, plex, sonarr and root as owners of files and some with different read/write/execute perms.

What should it look like given all I do is let sonaar download my stuff via qbittorrent and let sonaar and plex rename files.

Any quick command that would go through and repair this?


One solution is to set the dietpi group as directory owner, then make all these users members of the dietpi group. Also you’d need to configure Sonarr to use the appropriate permissions when it creates a new file (660 for example).

Yes exactly as trendy described. All application user should be member of global user group dietpi and the group needs r/w access. This as well is DietPi standard. On a fresh installation, users should be added to global user group dietpi automatically.

is there a command i can run now that will fix the permissions recursively? a return to default or something? i had a look at the group id thing and even though qbitrorent, sonaar, radaar etc were part of the same dietpi group i have files now that sonarr cant rename etc.

I’m not bothered about security of the device - its a stand alone unit - if there was a way to just give every user the ability to manipulate any other users files i would be happy with that as well.


if you don’t care on security, you can give permission 777 to all files and folder

chmod -R 777 /path/to/your/folder

First assign the root directory of your files to dietpi group.

chgrp -R dietpi /mnt/path/

Then change the permissions in there.

find /mnt/path -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 2775
find /mnt/path -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 664

Then make sure your -arr programs use the dietpi group when they add files, and that -arr users are in dietpi group.