FHEM Home Automation

With DietPi being very lightweight and the rising demand of home automation systems FHEM would perfectly fit into the software list.
It runs under GPL(v2) and I use it myself for several years now and basically it runs out of the box with dietpi already.

A chance not to tinker with linux and using the dietpi-software for installation would be perfect.
Out of FHEM webpage FHEM:

FHEM (TM) is a GPL'd perl server for house automation. It is used to automate some common tasks in the household like switching lamps / shutters / heating / etc. and to log events like temperature / humidity / power consumption.
The program runs as a server, you can control it via web or smartphone frontends, telnet or TCP/IP directly.
In order to use FHEM you'll need a 24/7 server (NAS, RPi, PC, MacMini, etc) with a perl interpreter and some attached hardware like the CUL-, EnOcean-, Z-Wave-USB-Stick, etc. to access the actors and sensors.

What you have to do for now is:

Import repository gpg key:
  wget -qO - http://debian.fhem.de/archive.key | apt-key add -

Add the repository manually to /etc/apt/sources.list:
    deb http://debian.fhem.de/nightly/ /

Update :
    apt-get update

Install fhem:
    apt-get install fhem

You can reach the server directly after installation under SBC-IP-Address:8083/fhem

To cover most of the needs in regards to perl packages the following is necesarry before or afterwards:

apt-get install libcrypt-cbc-perl
apt-get install libssl-dev
apt-get install libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl
apt-get install make
apt-get install gcc
apt-install libc6-dev
cpan Crypt/OpenSSL/AES.pm
apt-get install libjson-perl
apt-get update && apt-get -y install sqlite3 libdbd-sqlite3-perl libtext-diff-perl
apt-get install libswitch-perl
apt-get install libimage-librsvg-perl
apt-get install libxml-simple-perl

Thats it.

Would be great if you could include this into the official software list of DietPi and provide the install script.