Failed to fetch packages while installing Pi-hole

Creating a bug report/issue

Required Information

  • DietPi version | v8.11.2
  • Distro version | bullseye 1
  • Kernel version | 5.15.76+
  • SBC model | RPi Zero W / RPi 1B+
  • Power supply used | 5V/2A
  • SD card used | Toshiba 4G

Additional Information (if applicable)

  • Software title | Pi-hole
  • Was the software title installed freshly or updated/migrated? fresh install
  • Can this issue be replicated on a fresh installation of DietPi? fresh install
    ← If you sent a “dietpi-bugreport”, please paste the ID here →
  • Bug report ID | N/A

Steps to reproduce

  1. Fresh installation of DietPi_RPi-ARMv6-Bullseye to RPi (both ZeroW and 1B+)
  2. Set up static IP address and check its internet connection (pass!)
  3. Install Pi-hole via dietpi-software and the well-known command line (curl -sSL | bash). Both showed the same errors.

Expected behaviour

  • Pi-hole package should be downloaded and installed.

Actual behaviour

Extra details

  • able to install Pi-hole on Raspberry Pi OS Lite with the same devices.
  • able to ping (a server in University of Kent) on DietPi.
  • unable to install unbound on DietPi as well.

I currently have no clue what went wrong. Perhaps, sb can enlighten me. Thanks in advance.

Are you able to ping the domain?


Probably a temporary issue. Looks like you got redirect to an apt package mirror that was offline or had issues. At least nothing we really could influence from our side as we don’t maintain this package mirror.

Thanks. I overlooked this. Checked, and I’m able to ping.

Conecting to the mirror was never an issue. However, the mirror had some server issues as you got a HTTP 503 error (Service Unavailable). Simply try again.

Same issue here… any bypass available just to get pihole working?

What exactly is your error? Can you share the log old.

This has nothing to do with PiHole directly. It’s an apt package mirror not working

Looks like I possibly had DNS issues, after rebooting all my network i was able to install the required packages without issue.

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the site is online and no 503 errors from here. Screenshot by Lightshot (
and the packages is available for download : Screenshot by Lightshot (

…have a good day :call_me_hand:

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You’re right. I ended up switching to one of the Raspbian mirrors this morning, and everything seems to look good. The installation is still going on atm. No news is good news. I will report back if sth goes wrong.

Update: Everything is good. Here is the link to the Raspbian Mirrors: RaspbianMirrors - Raspbian

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