Failed to connect to bus: No medium found

Creating a bug report/issue

Required Information

  • DietPi version | cat /boot/dietpi/.version
  • Distro version | echo $G_DISTRO_NAME $G_RASPBIAN
bookworm 0
  • Kernel version | uname -a
Linux DietPi 6.1.21-v8+ #1642 SMP PREEMPT Mon Apr  3 17:24:16 BST 2023 aarch64 GNU/Linux
  • Architecture | dpkg --print-architecture
  • SBC model | echo $G_HW_MODEL_NAME or (EG: RPi3)
RPi 4 Model B (aarch64)

Steps to reproduce

  1. systemctl --user enable pipewire.service
  2. Failed to connect to bus: No medium found

Expected behaviour

  • success

Actual behaviour

  • Failed to connect to bus: No medium found

Extra details

  • dbus logind active


root@DietPi:~# loginctl show-user dietpi
Failed to get user: User ID 1000 is not logged in or lingering
  1. logged in via ssh
  2. linger is enabled

apt install dbus-user-session

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yes we don’t install dbus by default.

Just in case others land here: For the loginctl command to work, additionally logind needs to be unmasked:

systemctl unmask systemd-logind
systemctl start systemd-logind
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